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ODINWESTPAC was set up primarily to provide effective capacity building framework, to promote regional collaboration in marine data and information and products sharing, to develop cooperation with other ODINs and international and regional projects/programs, and to provide data and information services mainly for the WESTPAC member states and other users.


Objectives of ODINWESTPAC

ODINWESTPAC constitutes a capacity building strategy, linking training, equipment and operational support in a regional context, products and service oriented and using a multi-stakeholder approach.
Therefore the project aims to:

  • (i) Develop a marine data and information network that will promote data and information exchange and collaboration between WESTPAC member states;
  • (ii) Provide a number of marine data and information products to server the needs of WESTPAC member states and other ODINs and IODE members in data and information management, oceanographic research, marine environmental protection, marine hazards prevention and mitigation, etc.;
  • (iii) Develop cooperation with other international and regional data projects in data collecting, processing, management and service;
  • (iv) Implement relevant capacity building activities which specially related to ocean data and information management and service.  

Advantages of ODINWESTPAC

ODINs could help to provide assistance in the development of National Oceanographic Data and Information Centers and networking in the region; to provide training opportunities in marine data and information management applying standard formats and methodologies as defined by IODE; to assist in the development and maintenance of national, and regional metadata, information and data holding databases; and to assist in the development and dissemination of marine data and information products and services responding to the needs of a wide variety of user groups using national and regional networks

ODINWESTPAC, in this case, will provide effective capacity building framework, promote regional collaboration in data, data products sharing; provide framework for multi-disciplinary focus: contribution to SEAGOOS, NEARGOOS, WESTPAC-HAB, Gulf of Thailand project, PI-GOOS, linkages with other organizations (UNEP, SOPAC,) etc.: e.g. temperature data for HAB; establish inter-regional collaboration and inter-regional services and provide information services for all WESTPAC member.  



Hosted by
NMDIS National Marine Data and Information Service, Tianjin, China
Updated: 2015
@ Tianjin ICP.09005120


Member States
China,P.R. Fiji France Indonesia Japan Korea
Korea,R. Malaysia New Zealand
Philippines Russian
Samoa Singapore Solomon
Thailand Tonga UK USA Vietnam