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Finding People:

The WESTPAC Directory of Marine and Freshwater Professionals (WESTPACDIR)

The WESTPAC Directory of Marine and Freshwater Professionals is a database containing information on individuals involved in all aspects of Marine or Freshwater Research and Management in the Western Pacific. It is intended to be a tool for scientists, policy makers and anyone who needs to contact a marine or freshwater professional in the Western Pacific. A 'Professional' is defined as a person who, through his/her job, has expertise related to the research and management of the aquatic environment.

WESTPACDIR is maintained by the ODINWESTPAC (Ocean Data and Information Network for the Western Pacific ) project

WESTPACDIR is a free product but can be used only for non-profit purposes.
As an individual the Western Pacific professional you are welcome to add your information to the database.

WESTPACDIR is part of OceanExpert (Global Directory of Marine and Freshwater Professionals), a product developed in 1997 under the auspices of the IODE's Group of Experts on Marine Information Management (GE-MIM).

What information is included in WESTPACDIR?

AFRIDIR contains detailed information on individuals. This includes:

  • Surname (+Firstname); Job Title, Job Type;
  • Organization; Organization's Acronym, Department, Organization Type
  • Address, City, State, Country, Phone, fax, email, URL
  • Description of your activities (keywords); Environment (marine, freshwater, brackishwater)
  • Geographic Descriptors relevant to activities
  • Subject Descriptors (grouping of professionals into subject areas)
  • Citations of your most important and/or most recent papers

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Updated: 2015
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