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ODINWESTPAC Data & Products Access


Operationally Updated Data

◇  Buoy Data (Korea) - Quasi-Real Time (Data Access>> Data Format>>)
◇  Coastal Station Data (China) - Quasi-Real Time (Data Access>> Data Format>>)
◇  Hourly Sea Level Data (Japan) - Delayed mode(Data Access>> Data Format>>)
◇  Monthly Mean Sea Level Data (China) - Delayed mode(Data Access>> Data Format>>)
◇  Temperature and Salinity Data (China) - Delayed mode(Data Access>> Data Format>>)
◇  Wave and Wind Data (China) - Delayed mode (Data Access>> Data Format>>)

Historical Data

◇ Meteorological Data (Korea) (Data Access>> Data Format>>)
◇ Observation Data in Bases FM 13-VII SHIP (Russia) (Data Access>> Data Format>>)
◇ Ship Observation Data in China Sea (Data Access>> Data Format>>)
◇ Coastal Station Data (Russia) (Data Access>> Data Format>>)
◇  Satellite Remote-Sensing SST Data (Data Access>> Data Format>>)


JCOMM ODAS Metadata Service (intro>> access>>)


Marine Data Productions
Global Surface and Mid-Depth Current Maps Derived from Argo

Forecast Services

Tide Forecast (Monthly) (intro>> access>>)
Regular Forecast (Wave, Sea Ice, EI Nino) (intro>> access>>)
Numerical Forecast (Wave, Sea Temerature, Sea Currents, Sea Ice) (intro>> access>>)

Existing reanalysis datasets in ODINWESTPAC Member States


Simple Ocean Data Assimilation (SODA)
Estimating the Circulation &Climate of the ocean (ECCO)
NCEP/NCAR reanalysis


China Ocean Reanalysis (CORA): Reanalysis of China Coastal Waters and Adjacent Seas


Korea KODC
Malaysia JMM (Met Office): (wave, wind, swell, tsunami, sealevel)
  MyNODC: (temperature, salinity, current, sea level; to be completed in 2017)


Other Data Services

National Marine Data and Information service

The National Marine Data and Information Service(NMDIS) is a national facility under the State Oceanic Administration (SOA) of China responsible for hosting and distributing data and information concerning the marine environment.



China Oceanic Information Network

Providing ocean-related information and data, laws and regulations, literatures, news, institutions, sea wave forecasting, etc.



National Marine Basic Information Network Service System

Providing the on-line search, download of marine basic data (eg. Coastal station data, Temperature-salinity data, Surface current data, Sea Surface Meteorological Observational Database, Nansen station data, Marine biological data, Marine geological and geophysical data, Marine meteorological observations, etc.), metadata information and marine information products, and Web GIS as well.



China Argo Data and Information Service

All the global Argo profiles data, meta data and deployment information are all managed by database and updated everyday automatically. The users are able to access to the data conveniently on the website including netCDF raw data, Near real- time data, metadata, trajectory data, delayed-mode data. These data are also available via FTP.



GTSPP Data Center of China

Providing GTSPP data management and service, and release of quality controlled GTSPP near-realtime data and delayed-mode data.



China Delayed Mode Database for NEAR-GOOS

Providing oceanographic data and information product (Buoy data, Ship reports, GTS data, Meteorological data, SST and salinity data, wind and wave data, and so on) , free of charge, to all the NEAR-GOOS users through Internet.



ODAS Metadata Service

Establishing and maintaining the website for ODAS metadata management, releasing the ODAS metadata and provide relative information on JCOMM metadata management.



ASEAN Regional Forum Oceanic Information Network

Providing on-line search and download of marine basic data.



Tide Forecast

The monthly updated tide forecast products for 42 oceanographic stations of China and Southeast Asia are provided by National Marine Data and Information Service (NMDIS).



Regular Forecasts

Three regular forecasts, wave, sea ice and El nino, are produced and updated by NMEFC. 24hr wave forecast and wave analysis are two types of products available online. Sea ice status charts for Bohai Sea are provided at three timescale: year, month, and ten day. Also, El nino phenomenon is monitored and predicted regularly.



Numerical Forecast

National Marine Environmental Forecasting Center (NMEFC) operationally releases the numerical forecast products of wave, sea temperature, sea currents, and sea ice. Generally, products are provided according to different regions. Global, Northwest Pacific, and China Sea wave forecast images with wave height and direction are provided. For sea temperature and sea current, forecast products for different time lengths at surface, 20m, 50m, 100m, 500m, and 1000m are available for three regions: North Pacific, Northwest Pacific, and China Sea. Moreover, sea ice status for Bohai Sea is published on line to mitigate the damage to maritime operation and fishery.




Hosted by
NMDIS National Marine Data and Information Service, Tianjin, China
Updated: 2015
@ Tianjin ICP.09005120


Member States
China,P.R. Fiji France Indonesia Japan Korea
Korea,R. Malaysia New Zealand
Philippines Russian
Samoa Singapore Solomon
Thailand Tonga UK USA Vietnam